Click here to download the unofficial OpenGOAL mod launcher and play OpenGOAL mods! The launcher will automatically update itself when needed.

PLEASE NOTE: This launcher and the mods are NOT supported by the main OpenGOAL developers! For more information see the FAQ, or join us in the OpenGOAL Modding Discord server for any questions.

All code is ran at your own risk. The mod launcher is a small Python program bundled into a Windows app for easy use. You can audit the code, or build the launcher from source on Github here.

Other Mods/Utilities

In addition to the mods below which you can find in the mod launcher, here are some other mods/utilities that live outside of the mod launcher:

Available Mods

Please see the FAQ if you're interesting in making mods, and ping barg034 or zedb0t on Discord if you have a mod you'd like to add to the launcher.

Jak 1 Mods

Jak 2 Mods

Jak 1 Texture Packs

Jak 2 Texture Packs

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